Aisha Altemorya


Aisha Taymur (al-Tumuriyah)
(1840–1902) (عائشة التيمورية, عائشة تيمور) was one of Egypt's most distinguished social activists, and also a poet/novelist.

Born to a literary family, Aisha was the sibling of researcher/novelist Ahmad Pasha Taymur and aunt of playwright Mohammad Taymur and novelist Mahmoud Taymur.

Her father, of Kurdish origin, was member of the royal entourage and was keen on providing her with adequate education. She was well-versed in the sciences of the Holy Quran and Islamic Jurisprudence. She wrote poetry in Arabic, Turkish and Persian.

She put herself in charge of her brother Ahmad's education after their father died.

Aisha married at age 14 and left with her husband to Istanbul. After he died, she returned to Egypt. Her daughter's death left her distraught. Her poems mourning her daughter are the best in that genre in modern times.

(From Egypt State Information Center website)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Hilyat al-tiraz (Decorative Embroidery, poetry). Cairo:1884
  • Nata'ij al-ahwal fi-l-aqwal wa-al-af`al  (The Consequences of Circumstances in Words and Deeds).Cairo:1887
  • Mir'at al-ta'ammul fi-l-umur (The Mirror of Contemplation, epistle). Cairo:1892

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