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Amina al-Said (أمينة سعيد) (1910 – 1995) was born in Asyut and brought up in Cairo. She is known as a leading feminist, journalist, and activist in the period before and following the 1952 Egyptian Revolution. In 1931, she was among the first women to enroll in Fuad I University, founded in 1908 and renamed Cairo University in 1952. As a disciple of Huda Sharawi, she removed the veil and also advanced the cause of women's sports by daring to play tennis on the university's campus. She was successful as the author of novels, biography, and travel literature.

An avid pan-Arabist, she helped create the Pan-Arab Feminist Union and was also active in the Egyptian Feminist Union. Throughout her career she pressed for the reform of Islamic personal status laws. In the 1940s she was the first paid woman journalist to work for a mainstream publishing house, Dar al-Hilal, and became vice president of the Board of the Press Syndicate in 1956. She wrote for al-Musawwar and founded and edited the pan-Arab journal Hawa (Eve).

(From Egypt State Information Center website)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Awraq al-kharif (Autumn Leaves, short stories). Cairo: 1943
  • al-Jamiha (The Defian Woman, novel). Cairo: 1950
  • Wujuh fi al-jalam (Faces in the Dark, novel). Cairo: 1963
  • al-Hadaf al-kabir wa qisas ukhra (The Big Goal, short stories). Cairo: 1985

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