Collette Khuri


Colette Khuri (Khoury)
(كوليت خوري, born 1931) is a Syrian novelist and poet who is also the granddaughter of former Syrian Prime Minister Faris al-Khoury. Khoury graduated from Damascus University with a bachelor's degree in French literature and she received a diploma from the school of literature in Beirut.

Khoury's career began in 1957 and has spanned more than 6 decades. In 1959 she shocked the Arab world with a novel in which she wrote openly on love; this breakthrough novel "Ayyam Maahou" (The Days With Him) was the first time a woman had come out so boldly on a subject considered taboo in conservative Syrian society. "Ayyam Maahou" was inspired by a love affair with the legendary Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani. Khoury has more than 20 novels under her name, she also has written many political and literary articles.

In 2008, Khoury was appointed literary adivisor to the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. She currently writes for the Syrian governmental newspaper "Al-Baath" on a broad range of political and literary issues.

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Publications: (Arabic)

  • عشرون عاماً- شعر بالفرنسية- دمشق 1957.
  • أيام معه- رواية بيروت 1959.
  • رعشة- شعر بالفرنسية- دمشق 1960.
  • ليلة واحدة- رواية- بيروت 1960.
  • أنا والمدى- قصص- بيروت 1964.
  • كيان- قصص- بيروت 1966.
  • دمشق بيتي الكبير- قصة- دمشق1969.
  • المرحلة المرة- قصص- دمشق 1960.
  • الكلمة الأنثى- قصص- دمشق 1971.
  • قصتان- قصص- دمشق1975.
  • ومر صيف- رواية- دمشق 1975.
  • أغلى جوهرة في العالم- مسرحية- دمشق 1975.
  • دعوة إلى القنيطرة- قصة- دمشق 1976.
  • أيام مع الأيام- رواية دمشق 1979.
  • أوراق فارس الخوري- اعداد- دمشق 1993
  • ستلمس أصابعي الشمس - 2002)،
  • ذكريات المستقبل (1)   - 2002)، 
  • ذكريات المستقبل (2)  - 2003)،
  • في الزوايا حكايا  - 2003)،
  • سنوات الحب والحرب - 2006
  • عبق المواعيد - 2008)



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