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Malika al-Fasi (مليكة الفاسي) (Bahithat al-Hadira) (1919-2007), Pioneering Moroccan writer born in Fez. She published under two pseudonyms, Bahithat alHadira and al-Fatah. She was the first woman writer in Morocco in the modern period. She began publishing her articles and literary works in 1935.

She was educated in a traditional Islamic school, Dar Faqiha, and was later instructed by her father and her husband, the late research professor, Muhammad al -Fasi. She took part in the nationalist movement and was a member of the women's bureau of the Independence Party. She was the only woman to sign the 1944 document demanding Moroccan independence.

She published articles in the Moroccan press, including "Hawl tahafut al-fatayat 'ala-l-Iisseh" (On Young Women Flocking to the Lycee), published in ai-Maghrib (1938); "Ta'lim al-fatah" (The Education of Girls) and "Sawt alfatah" (The Voice of Young Women) for ai-Maghrib magazine (1938); "al-Fatah al-Maghribiya bayn marahil al-ta'lim" (Moroccan Women Between Phases of Education), published in Risalat ai-Maghrib magazine (1952); and "Ta'lim al-mar'a" (Women's Education) for Risalat ai-Maghrib (1952). She wrote a book for young women, Dhikrayat bi-mathabat sira dhatiya (Memories as Autobiography), which was also published in a series of articles in the supplement to ai-Maghrib newspaper in May-June 1938.

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

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