Nadia El Ghazzi (1935 - نادية الغزي) is a well-known Syrian lawyer, TV presenter and writer. She is the daughter of Saeed El Ghazzi and Balkis Al Mour and was born in Damascus, Syria in 1935. She is the wife of Nizar Bakdooness and the mother of three girls Lama, Nada and Rasha. Nadia El Ghazzi is a multi talented woman; she is a well-educated lawyer who has helped change the status of women; she is a TV presenter and writer who invaded the world with her poetic feelings and ideas.


Nadia El Ghazzi attended Damascus University and earned a degree in National & International law.

Work experience:

Nadia El Ghazzi started her career as a lawyer. From 1960 until 1961, she switched to the field of TV & Broadcasting in Syria. Later on, Nadia became a writer for an Arabian and Syrian magazine such as “Tabibak”and “Al Maraa”. Nadia El Ghazzi was member and secretary of the Arabian Book Union from 1979 until 1998. She participated in many committees to change the law of personal settings with cooperation with the Women Union. She lectured in Damascus, Halab, Lazkia, Brussels and Namoor. Nadia also had a talent in writing and ever since she was 15 years old she began writing poetry. 


Nadia El Ghazzi has been given several Appreciation Diplomas from the Arabian Syrian TV & Arabian Syrian Union.


Nadia is the author of twelve books, most of which are published and the others are being published now. One of her books is called “Al Oboor Ila Al Shar “which was written in 1982.



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