Najwa Kawar Farah 


Najwa Kawar Farah (Najwa Qa'war Farah) (1923-?), (نجوى قعوار فرح ) Palestinian writer born in Nazareth. She attended school in Nazareth and later attended the Teachers' Academy in Jerusalem. She was a teacher in Nazareth in 1943.

With her husband Father Rafiq Farah, she put out the magazine, al-Ra'id, in 1957. In 1965 she published several articles on political, social, and literary issues in the press. She lived in Haifa until the mid-1960s and then moved abroad.


(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Sukkan al-tabiq al- 'ulwi (The People Upstairs, novel). Amman: Jordanian Artistic Committee to Support the Intifada, 1996
  • 'Abiru al-sabil (The Passersby, short stories). Beirut: Dar al-Rayhani, 1954.
  • Durub masabih (Lamp Paths, short stories). Nazareth: al-Hakim Press, 1956.
  • Mudhakkirat rihla (Memoirs of Journey, autobiography). Nazareth: al-Hakim Press, 1957.
  • Sirr Shahrazad (Sheherazade's Secret, play). Nazareth: al-Hakim Press, 1958.
  • 'Abir wa asda' (Scent and Echoes, illustrations). Nazareth: al-Hakim Press, 1959.
  • Malik al-majd (The King of Glory, play about Jesus Christ). Nazareth: al Hakim Press, 1961.
  • Li-man al-rabi'? (Who Owns Spring?, short stories). Nazareth: al-Hakim Press, 1963.
  • Silsilat qisas li-I-ashbal (A Series of Stories for Young Ones, children's literature, 3 vols.).
  • Nazareth: n.p., 1963-1965. al-Liqa ' (The Meeting, short stories). Beirut: Dar al-Nahar, 1972 .
  • Ummat al-rabb (Nation of the Lord, play). Beirut: Dar al-Nafir, ,1972.
  • 'Ahd min al-Quds (A Vow from Jerusalem). Beirut: Palestinian Journalists' and Writers' Union, 1978.
  • Rihlat al-huzn wa-l- 'ata ' l ourney of Sadness and Giving). Beirut: Dar al-Kalima, 1981.
  • Intifadat al- 'asafir (The Sparrows' Uprising, short stories). Amman: Dar alJalil and the Office of Culture, 1991.

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