Salma al-Haffar Kuzbari


Born in 1923 to Lutfi al-Haffar, Syria’s prime minister during the French mandate, Salma al-Haffar Kuzbari (سلمى الحفار الكزبري) grew up to become a prominent writer, winning many awards for her work. She is most remembered for the 17 years research she spent on literary figure May Ziadeh which resulted in three works on Ziadeh’s life.

Al Haffar’s first book, "Hala’s Diaries", was published in 1950 and this autobiographical work was followed by a second entitled "Amber and Ashes". Women’s rights and social causes were close to her heart and she promoted these not only through her writing but also in her personal life. Her first husband Mohammed Abdel Hamid Karame died shortly after the birth of their son and she later married Nader Al Kuzbari, a Syrian diplomat and ambassador to Spain.

One of her most famous novels, "The Two Eyes of Seville", was influenced by her travels with her husband and her research into the Andalusian legacy. In 1964 the Spanish government awarded her a medal for Arab and Andalusia studies. In 2006, she died in Beirut at 83 years of age.

(From Arab Women Writers An Anthology of Short stories by Dalya Cohen-Mar)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • -أول رواياتها: يوميات هالة .1950‏
  • -عينان من اشبيلية-حرمان -الغربية-البرتقال المر.‏
  • -عنبر ورماد: (سيرتها الذاتية)‏
  • -حب بعد الخمسين (مذكراتها) .1989‏
  • -مي زيادة وأعلام عصرها
  • - نساء متفوقات-سيرة لطفي الحفار.‏
  • -حازت جائزة الملك فيصل العالمية في الأدب.‏
  • -لها ديوانان باللغة الفرنسية.‏
  • -مثلت سورية في عدة قنصليات خارجية.‏


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