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Ahlam (or Ahlem) Mosteghanemi
(أحلام مستغانمي‎ born 13 April 1953) in Tunis, Tunisia, the daughter of Algerian revolutionary leader Mohammed Chérif, is a notable Algerian writer. She a writer who hides through her novels a fantastic father who "haunts" her feather. While he does not actually hold the key to her novels, it is clear that he has completely transferred to her the immense burden of his personal history, which merges in its magnitude with the history of Algeria.

Her father, Mohammed Chérif, was very influenced by poetry and the French classic authors. He was deeply sensitive to literary works, and he delighted in sharing his admiration for Voltaire, Victor Hugo, and Jean Jacques Rousseau with the first person to lend him an attentive ear. In the same breath, this man could narrate a good part of the history of Algerian nationalism and many a hundred anecdotes of Constantine, while his fellow townsmen would always sit around to listen. Ahlem, his eldest daughter, grew up in a family environment where the father’s role was a central one.


Publications: (Arabic)

  • `Ala marfa; al-ayyam (On the Dock of Days, poetry). Algiers: 1973. -  على مرفأ الأيام
  • Al kitabah fi lahzat `uriyy (Writing in a Moment of Nakedness, poetry). Algiers: 1973. - الكتابة في لحظة عري
  • Dhakirat al-jasad (Memory in teh Flesh, novel). Beirut: 1993. - ذاكرة الجسد
  • Fawdat al-hawass (Chaos of the Senses, novel). Beirut: 1998. - فوضت الحواس
  • نسيان
  • عابر سرير
  • قلوبهم معنا قنابلهم علينا

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