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Arusiya al-Naluti (عروسية النالوتي) born on Djerba Island, Tunisia in 1956, Aroussia Nalouti began her literary career in the 1970s. Publication of her work has extended beyond Tunisia into many Arab newspapers and magazines. Nalouti.s major works include al-Bu`d al-khamis (the Fifth dimension) , a collection of short stories published in 1975, two collections of children's books, Juha published in 1976, and Bisbas which followed in 1982, while her novel Maratij was published in 1985.

Nalouti has also written two plays: al-Tawba (The Repentance), which was an adaptation of Abi al-ala al-Ma`ari's Risalat al-Gufran (The letter of Forgiveness), performed by the Sinbad Theater company in 1992, and Tamashi, performed by Tunisia's Nations theater Company in 1995. As a further example of the diversity of her talents, Nalouti wrote the script for Salma Bakr's 1985 film bilad al-Taryyun (In the country of Taryyun).

(From In the House of Silence, autobiographical Essays by Arab women Writers, Edited By Fadia Faqir)

Publications: (Arabic)

Novels & Short Stories:

  • al Bu'd al-khamis (The Fifth Dimension, short stories). 1975
  • Maratij (My Wife, novel). 1985
  • Tamas (The Attic)


  • al-Tawba (The Repentance)
  • Tamashi

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