Buthayna Nasseri


Buthaina al-Nasiri
( بثينة الناصري) is an Iraqi short story writer born in Baghdad in 1947. She has a B.A. in English Litrature from Baghdad University. She is a translator and publisher (Dar 'Ishtar). She resides in Cairo.

She has written several essays, collected in 'Ala hudud al watan (On the Borders of the Homeland), published in 1995. She received the cultural Arts Prize at teh first arab Women's Book Fair, held in Cairo in 1995, for her collection Watan akhar. Her stories have been translated into English, German, Spanish, and Norwegian.

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Hadwat hisan (Horseshoe, short stories) 1974
  • Mawt ilah al-bahr (Death of the Sea God) 1977
  • Fata al-sardin al-mu'allab (Boy of the Canned Sardins, short stories) 1990
  • Watan Akhar (Another Homeland, short stories) 1994
  • al-Tariq ila Baghdad (The Road to Baghdad, short stories) 1999

(Translated from Arabic to English)

  • Final Night, short stories, selected and translated by Denys Johnson-Davies. 2002

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