Diana was born in Port Arthur, Texas to Middle Eastern parents. Both of her parents are from Palestine. As a child, she was encouraged to write by her father. Her father lived a very unique life and wanted it on paper. He came to America as an orphan at the tender age of 16. He was alone but with God’s help grasped the American Dream though he faced many trials and tribulations. Later, he would become a successful businessman.

Diana was encouraged to write by her maternal aunts who were great story tellers. As a child and later as an adult, she found great joy in listening to their stories. The stories they told were based on innocence and truth. Their stories gave her insight on what it was like to live in the Middle East in a time of freedom, what it was like to be born of Middle Eastern heritage, and what it was like to live a simple life free of technology and among nature.

After high school, Diana entered college at The University of Houston to become a doctor with a bio-chemistry degree. But she left school after two years to get married and put her endeavor instead on raising children. She has five children. Three of her children went on to study medicine. 

Diana is an activist who stood on corner streets, wrote to promote peace, and stood against injustice of any kind.  One will find most of her writing is for a purpose. She feels that we are all human with the same tears and laughter, and the fact that one day we are headed for that grave beneath the dirt. It is her purpose to make all people realize this and to spread peace and love. This is her reason for writing The Sands of Kedar. Writing about history is one way of spreading understanding throughout the world.

Diana has completed a new novel, Beyond Skin. It is a literary fiction novel about a group of medical students facing racism and other obstacles in the world today.  It is yet to be published.


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