Hadia Said
( هاديا سعيد) was born in Lebanon and has lived in Beirut, Baghdad and Rabat. She is currently living in London where she works as a journalist. Said's many articles and short stories have been published in a number of different Arab cultural journals.

Her first collection of short stories, entitled Ya Layl (0 Night), was published in 1978. Urjuhat al-Mina' (The Swing of the Port), her second collection, was published in 1981. By 1989 a further two volumes, Rahil (Departure) and Nisa' Kharijat 'ala al-Nas (Women Outside the Script), were to be added to her list of publications. Said's writing has not been restricted to print.

She has also written scripts for a number of documentary films for television and cinema. These include Hikayt al-Sa'at al-Jamila (The Tale of the Beautiful Hours), directed by Tariq Abd al-Ka~im in 1975 and awarded a prize by the Committee for the Defence of Peace in, the Soviet Union, and Tahqiq An Urn-Hamid (Investigating Urn-Hamid) directed by 'Imad Bahjat, produced by the Institution for Cinema and Television in Baghdad in 1978 and also awarded a prize, this time by the Gulf Television Festival in Kuwait. Hadia Said's novel Bustan Aswad (Black Orchard) was awarded rhe Katiba Magazine Literary Prize.

(From In the House of Silence, edited by Fadia Faqir)

Publications: (English)

  • Hurufima al-jamila (Our Beautiful Letters, children's literature). Baghdad: Ministry of Culture, 1975.
  • Hikayat aI-sa 'at al-jamila (A Story of the Lovely Hours, screenplay). Baghdad: General Film Organization, 1976.
  • Tahqiq 'an Umm Hamid (An Expose about Umm Hamid, screenplay). Baghdad: General Organization for Radio and Television, 1979.
  • Urjuhat al-mina' (The Port's Swing, short stories). Beirut: Arab Institute for Research and Publishing, 1981. Y
  • a layl (0 Night, short stories). Beirut: Dar al-Sadaqa, 1987.
  • Nisa' kharij al-nass (Women Outside the Text, short stories). Rabat: Babel Publications, 1989.
  • Rahil (Departure, short stories). Rabat: African Arab Publishers, 1989.
  • Bustan aswad (Black Garden, novel). Beirut: Arab Institute for Research and Publishing, 1996.


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