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Hala al-Badry (هالة البدري) born in Cairo in 1954, a graduate of Cairo University, is an Egyptian journalist and novelist. She received a B.A. in business administration from Cairo University in 1975 and a degree in journalism and media from Cairo University in 1985. She is the head of the cultural desk at al-Idha`a wa al-talafizyun magazine.

, a novel published in 1995, is set in the fictional village of Muntaha in the Nile Delta. Imra'atun ma (A Certain Woman), Hala El Badry's fourth book, was named best novel of 2001 at the Cairo International Book Fair.

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Publications: (Arabic)

  • al_Sibaha fi qumqum `ala qa` al-muhit (Swimming in a bottle on the Ocean Floor, novel). Cairo:1988
  • Raqsat al-shams wa al-ghaym (The Dance of Sun and Clouds, short stories). Cairo:1989
  • Ajnihat al-hisan (The Horse's Wings, short stories). Cairo:1992
  • Muntaha. (Muntaha, novel) Cairo:1995
  • Laysa ana (Not I, novel). Cairo:1998
  • Imra'atun ma. (A Certain Woman, novel) Cairo:2001

(Translated from Arabic to English)

  • A Certain WomanCairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2003.
  • Muntaha. Cairo: American University in Cairo Press, 2006.


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