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Hanane Aad (حنان عاد) (1965), was born in Lebanon, where She lived, studied, worked, wrote, published and red her poetry. Till the beginning of 2009 she was working in Lebanon for radio and television in the field of literature and culture. She lives in Vienna since 2 years and publishes from time to time articles in the cultural pages at the Lebanese newspapers: Almustaqbal and Assafir.She gave readings of her poetry in France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Romania, Turkey, India, Bosnia, Croatia, Estonia Poland and Lebanon.

Her poetry written in Arabic is translated into 10 languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Romanian, Hindi, Bosnian, Croatian and Turkish. The French-speaking Lebanese poetess and novelist Venus Khoury-Ghata has written that Hanane Aad’s poems reveal a quiet melancholy and that her poetry is a whisper rather than an assertion.

She knows how to rise above everyday language, yet uses it like her mother tongue, as the language of poetry: “Hers is a finely-chiselled writing, and her phrases are sculpted deeply”

She is a literary critic, translator and journalist combining print media, television and radio.

She started her carrier as a writer and presenter of political information and worked for Radio Liban Libre, Voix du Liban ( 1997,1998), Radio Liban ( Culture, 2008, 2009).

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  • 2010: "I carry my Freedom in my Mouth", Dergham publishing house, Lebanon.
  • 2005: "Pearls of the Soul Riding Value", Al Ibdaa publishing house, Lebanon.
  • 1999: "Like a Grain of Wheat", Kleudge, Lebanon..
  • 1992 "The Echo of Nostalgia", Almacharek publishing house, Lebanon

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