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Ibtihal Salem
's (إبتهال سالم) writing provides an excellent forum for studying both everyday life in Egypt and current literary experimentation in the Middle East. Her poignant pieces hover between the structure of story-telling, the visuality of vignettes, and the compression of poetry. They both record and evoke a literary ferment going on in Egypt today.Salem's writing of the last thirty years is lauded for its social messages also.

Finding the expression of sexuality necessary to explicate problems of Egyptian identity, Salem often links poverty to gender marginality. Her heroines, however, celebrate the heritages that have shaped them, even as they resist certain aspects of them. Like many writers in Egypt, Salem honors traditional folktales, even as she deals with contemporary problems from class and economic perspectives.

(From University of Texas Austin website)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Youm Ady Geddan (An Ordinary Day), short stories, Culture Houses Association, Cairo, 2009
  • Al Sama' La Tomter Aheba (The Sky Doesn't Rain Lovers), a novel, Fekra Publishing House, Cairo, 2008.
  • Sunduq Saghir fi al-Qalb (A Small Box in the Heart), Novel, Egyptian Public Association of Books, Cairo, 2004
  • Children of the Waters: Short Stories by Ibtihal Salem, Translated by Marilyn Booth, Center of Middle East Studies, University of Texas, 2003
  • Asfoor Ana (A Bird I Am), a book for children, Egyptian Public Association of Books, Cairo, 2002
  • Sir Al-Qitta Al-Ghamida (The Secret of the Mysterious Cat), Short Stories for children, Dar Al-Helal, Cairo, 2001
  • Nawafiz Zarqaa’ (Blue Windows), Novel, Egyptian Public Association of Books, Cairo, 2000
  • Nakhb Iktimal al-Qamar (A Toast for the Full Moon), Egyptian Public Association of Culture Houses, Cairo, 1997
  • Dunya Saghira (Small World), short stories, Egyptian Public Association of Books, Cairo, 1992
  • Al Nawras (The Sea Gull), short stories, Egyptian Public Association of Books, Cairo, 1989

(Translated from Arabic to English)

  • Children of the Waters. 2003

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