Ikbal Baraka


Ikbal Baraka 
(1942- ), (اقبال بركة) Egyptian journalist and novelist. She received a B.A. in English from Alexandria University, as well as a BA in Arabic. She has worked in public relations for Philips, as a simultaneous interpreter, for an English-language school in Kuwait, and as an announcer in English-language radio.

She was an editor at Sabah al-khayr and in June 1993 became editor in chief at Hawwa', where she still works. She is a member of the Journalists' Syndicate, the Writers' Union, and the Association of Women Writers. She also founded the Association of Egyptian Women Filmmakers and has written many works for the big and small screens.

Her novels have been translated into Japanese, Chinese, English, and French. She published the non-fiction work, Hiwar hawl qadaya Islamiya (A Conversation on Islamic Issues).

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Li-nazall asdiqa' ila-I-abad (Let's Remain Friends Forever, novel). Cairo: General Egyptian Book Organization, 1971.
  • al-Fajr li-awwal marra (Dawn for the First Time, novel). Beirut: Dar al-Quds al-'Arabiya, 1975.
  • Layla wa-I-majhul (Layla and the Unknown, novel). Isma'iliya: Maktabat Qanat al-Suways, 1980.
  • al-Sayd fi bahr al-awham (Fishing in the Sea of Illusions, novel). Cairo: General Egyptian Book Organization, 1981.
  • Ribla ila Turkiya (A Journey to Turkey, travel literature). Cairo: Maktabat Gharib,1983.
  • Timsah al-buhayra (Crocodile of the Lake, novel). Cairo: Maktabat Gharib, 1983.
  • Kulluma 'ad al-rabi' (Whenever Spring Returns, novel). Cairo: Akhbar alYawm Foundation, 1985.
  • Hadithat ightisab (An Incident of Rape, short stories). Cairo: Akhbar al-Yawm Foundation, 1993.
  • Yawmiyat imra'a 'amila (Diaries of a Working Woman, novel). Cairo: Dar al-Ma'arif,1993.

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