Layla al-Uthman


Layla al-Uthman
(ليلى العثمان) was born in Kuwait in 1945. After graduating from a local high school, she did not pursue a university education and is largely self-taught. In 1965 she began to work in broadcasting and journalism. her first volume of short stories appeared in 1976.

One of the leading women writers of fiction in the arabian Peninsula, she has published ten volumes of short stories, two novels, and a book of poetry. Some of her short stories have been translated into European languages.

(From Arab Women Writers An Anthology of Short stories by Dalya Cohen-Mar)

Publications: (Arabic)

Short Stories:

  • Imra'a fi ina' (Woman in a Jar). Kuwait: 1976. إمرأة في إناء
  • al-Rahil (The Departure). Beirut: 1979. الرحيل
  • Fi al-layl ta'ti al-'uyun (At Night, the Eyes Come). Beirut: 1979. في الليل تأتي العيون
  • al-Hubb lahu suwar (Love has Images). Kuwait: 1982. الحب له صور
  • Fathiya takhtar ma wtaha (Fathiya Chooses Her Death). 1987. فتحية تختار موتها
  • Halat hubb majnouna (A Crazy Case of Love). Cairo: 1989. حالة حب مجنونة
  • 55 Hikayat hubb (Fifty-five Tales of Love). Kuwait: 1992. 55 حكاية حب
  • al-Hawajiz al-sawda' (The Black Barriecades). Kuwait: 1994. الحواجز السوداء
  • Zahra tadkhul al-hayy (Zahra Comes to the Neighborhood). Beirut: 1995. زهرة تدخل الحي
  • Yahduth kull layla (It Happens Every Night). Beirut: 1998. يحدث كل ليلة
  • حلم غير قابل للكسر
  • ليلة القهر
  • قصيرة جدآ


  • al-Mara'a wa al-qitta (The Woman and the Cat) Beirut: 1995. المرأة والقطة
  • Wasmiah takhroj min al-bahr (Wasmiah gets out of the sea). 1986وسيمة تخرج من البحر
  • العصعص
  • صمت الفراشات
  • خذها لا أريدها
  • حام الليلة الأولى


  • بلا قيود ......دعوني أتكلم
  • المحاكمة

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