Nawal Mustafa


Nawal Mustafa
(1955-), (نوال مصطفى) Egyptian shortstory writer and journalist born in Cairo. She received a B.A. in media in 1972 and a diploma in journalism from Boston University in 1993. She heads the women's investigative desk at al-Akhbar and the "You Are Not Alone" section of the newspaper, which cares for the needy.

She is the president of the Children of Women Prisoners Association. She was awarded a prize from the Journalists' Syndicate for her interview with Benazir Bhutto in 1990, and she received the 'Ali and Mustafa Amin Prize for a human interest story. She has worked as a foreign correspondent and has written stories and essays about the U.S., England, Switzerland, Greece, and Morocco.

She published Hayat 'ashiq aJ-sahafa (The Life of a Lover of the Press) in 1997, about Mustafa Amin, one of the founders of Dar al-Akhbar. Her other non-fiction works include Nujum wa aqlam (Celebrities and Writers, 1995, interviews), Nizar wa qasa'id mamnu'a (Nizar and the Forbidden Poems, 1998, study), Rihla ila a'maqihim (A Journey to Their Depths, 1988, interviews), and alBanju qunbula infajarat fi a'rnaq al-shabab (Marijuana: a Bomb Detonated in the Depths of Youth, anthology).

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • al-Hayah marra ukhra (Life Again, short stories). Cairo: al-Mu'assasa a1-'Arabiya al-Haditha, 1992.
  • Hanin (Yearning, short stories). Cairo: Arab Youth Center, 1993 .
  • Mudhakkirat durra (Memoirs of a Second Wife, short stories). Cairo: al-Raya Center, 1994.
  • Raqsat al-hubb (The Dance of Love, short stories). Cairo: al-Dar al-Misriya al-Lubnaniya, 1995. '
  • Ashiqat khaJf aJ-aswar (Lovers Behind Walls, short stories). Cairo: Akhbar al-Yawm Foundation, 1996.
  • Raqsat aJ-hubb aJ-sakhina wa qisas ukhra (The Hot Dance of Love and Other Stories, short stories). Cairo: al-Dar al-Misriya al-Lubnaniya, and Giza: 'Arabiya Press, 1996.
  • aJ- 'Asafir Ja yamJikuha ahad (The Sparrows Belong to No One, short stories). Cairo: Akhbar al-Yawm, 1999..

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