Sekina Fouad


Born in Port Said (September 1st, 1945), Sakina Fu'ad (سكينة فؤاد) received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Cairo in 1965.  She practiced journalism since graduation, had many important positions; the most important of which was the Chief Editor of Radio and Television between 1983 and 1993.

Won the Mustafa Amin prize for Excellence in recognition of her career as a journalist and the chief editor of the Radio and Television magazine. She also worked as a full-time writer in Al-Ahram newspaper. Formerly a member of the Shura Council, the Supreme Council for the press, and the National Committee for Women in Egypt. Currently, she is a member of the Union of Writers and PEN.

In her articles she fights all forms of venality and deviancy in our society. Her pen is sharp as she leads a campaign against the policies of cultivating strawberry and melon at the expense of cultivating wheat, menaing more dependency on foreign wheat imports. In her campaigns she depends on researches of respected scientists such as Dr. Farouk El-Baz and Dr.Zakaria Al-Haddad, Professor of agronomy. She also depends on the trials of high populated countries such as China and India which succeeded in achieving economical independence and self-sufficiency of wheat.

Fond of Port-Said, Sakina Fouad is always inspired in her literatures by Port-Said’s great history and people. One of her most important literatures “Fatma’s Arrest” (LILAT ALQABD ALA FATMA) succeeded and became one of the greatest Egyptian radio series, than became a TV series and finally a movie.

(From and Arab Women Writers An Anthology of Short Stories by Dalya Cohen-Mar)

Publications: (Arabic)


  • Mohakamat al-Sayyeda S. (The Trial of Mrs. S., short stories) Cairo:1975 - محاكمة السيدة س
  • Milaf qadiyat al-hubb (Papers in a Case of Love, short stories). Cairo:1977 - ملف قضية الحب
  • Laylat al-qabd `ala Fatma (The Night Fatima was Arrested, novel). Cairo: 1980 - ليلة القبض على فاطمة
  • Dawa'ir al-hubb wa al-ru`b (Circles of Love and Terror, short stories). Cairo:1984 - دوائر الحب والرعب
  • Tarwid al-rajul (Taming of the Man, novel). Cairo:1986 - ترويض الرجل
  • 9 Sh. al Nil (No. 9 Nile Street, short stories). Cairo:1987 - 9 شارع النيل
  • امرأة يونيو
  • بنات زينب


  • الأعمال الكاملة (كتاب) 1997 (يجمع عددا من مقالاتها حول الأمن الغذائي في مصر والنقد للفساد والتلوث الغذائي]
  • حروب جديدة (كتاب) 2003



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