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Basma Abd El Aziz (بسمة عبدالعزيز) is a psychiatrist and writer, Born in Cairo, 1976. Having an Ms. of Neuropsychiatry, faculty of medicine, Ein shams university in 2005 , and Diploma of Sociology from the institute of Arab research and studies in 2010.

Working for the general secretariat of mental health (ministry of health) as the director of the media and awareness office, and the child psychiatry unit at El Abbaseya mental health hospital.

Member of the team work of El Nadeem center for psychological management and rehabilitation of victims of violence, and member of the Egyptian women writers association, Cairo Atelier for writers and artists, and The Syndicate of fine arts.

Wrote a number of books, studies and articles that has been published in Egypt. Most recently (January 2011) a book titled “Temptation of absolute power” which is a sociological and historical study, documenting and analyzing the violence directed towards citizens by the police and security institutes. This study was honored by the award of “Ahmad Bahaa El Dine friends’ Association” for young researchers in 2009.

Also wrote two groups of short stories, the first one “ashan rabena yesahel: may god make it easy” that was published by Merit, 2007, and was honored by “Sawiris Foundation Award for Egyptian literature” in 2008, and the second one “al walad allazy ekhtafa: the boy who disappeared”, that was honored by the award of “General Administration of Cultural palaces” in 2008 and published by the same administration in 2009.

Also got the prize of Ramatan (Taha Hussein), and the prize of the Egyptian Writers Association, for best single short story in 2004, 2003.

She Held about 7 private exhibition (paintings and sculpture), starting from the year 2002 in Cairo atelier (painting), then, Cairo atelier (sculpture) in 2006, and (painting) 2007, The International Center for cultural development (photographs and sculpture) 2009, and Nagui Hall for fine arts (painting and sculpture) 2008. Last in Mahmoud Mokhtar museum (photography and sculpture) 2010, and Cairo atelier (painting and sculpture) 2010.

Shared in many group exhibition since 1997, last was in small art works salon in Mahmoud Mokhtar museum (painting) 2010, salon of Cairo atelier (painting) 2010, Port Saiid Biennale (sculpture) 2009, The General exhibition (painting) 2008, Contemporary Sculpture exhibition in Saad Zaghloul museum 2008. 

Also performed a number of illustrating drawings and caricature in newspapers as
Al Ahaly newspaper, Sawaseya (a periodical publication of Cairo institute for human rights studies CIHRS) in 2000, Three books published by the CIHRS about human rights in 2007 titled: “The Egyptian Elections”, “Right for physical integrity and safety”, “The University independence”.

(Sent to me by the author)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • ashan rabena yesahel: may god make it easy - 2007
  • ma waraa al taazib; what is behiind toture - 2007
  • al walad allazy ekhtafa: the boy who disappeared - 2008
  • Ighraa al solta al motlaka;Temptation of absolute power - 2010

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