Diana Kadi


Dania Kadi (دانيا القاضي) was born in the US, raised in Beirut and currently residing in London, Dania El-Kadi brings an international flavour to her work reflecting all the places she’s lived, including Brussels, Kuwait and her beloved Dubai.

“SUMMER BLAST” is Dania’s first full length novel, and was published by Turning Point Books in Beirut, where it became a best seller. Her short novel, UN CHEMIN SUR SON FRONT, LE JOURNAL D’UNE REBELLE, was published in Paris by Éditions Caractères in June 2000, and her short story “Trophy Wife” appeared in the “Words to Music” anthology, a charity project by writers from around the world. Dania has also contributed articles to leading Arabic dailies and blogs in the UK.

In addition to writing, Dania works in the corporate world. She currently holds a position in a top mobile handset manufacturer’s global marketing team and prior to that held several marketing and PR management roles in the Middle East’s IT industry.

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