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Fatima Sharafeddine ( فاطمة شرف الدين) was born in 1966 in Beirut, Lebanon, and spent the first six years of her childhood in Sierra Leon, in West Africa. Three years after she returned with her family to live in her native country, the Lebanese civil war started. She spent the next 15 years of her life moving between cities, houses, and schools, always trying to find refuge in the safest area.

In 1989, she received her B.A. in Early Childhood Education from the Lebanese American University. A year later, she got married and moved to the USA where she received a Master’s degree in Educational Theory and Practice (1993) and a Master’s degree in Modern Arabic Literature (1996), both from Ohio State University.

She moved to Houston, Texas in 1996, where she worked for two years as a lead teacher with children aged 3 to 6. At a later stage, she taught Arabic Language and Culture classes at Rice University.

In 2001, she moved with her husband and two children to Brussels, Belgium.
She is currently fully dedicated to writing for children.Her target readers are children from 0 to 9 years old; however, she just finished her first young adult book. Over the last 5 years, she has written and published more than 45 books, and translated several others from English and French into Arabic. Her three regular publishers are ASALA (Lebanon), KALIMAT (UAE), and MIJADE (Belgium).

Several of Fatima’s books have been translated to various European languages.

In March of 2007, she won the National Committee of the Lebanese Child Award of best book of year 2007 for her book “Mountain rooster”, and in February 2009, her book “There is war in my city” was chosen to be on the honor list of the Anna Lindh Foundation. In 2010 she was nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, and in May of the same year won the prize of IBBY-Lebanon and Beirut World Book Capital for best book published in the last three years in Lebanon, for her book “My skirt”. In May 2010, also, her book “Strange feeling”, got the Appreciation of the Jury of Assabil Ngo, Lebanon.

Fatima is an active member of the Society for Children Book Writers and Illustrators, Brussels branch. She also attends several book fairs during the year, mainly the Bologna book fair, the Frankfurt book fair, and Beirut book fair.

Recently, she was invited to Amman, Damascus, and Beirut to give writing workshops to young writers interested in children’s literature.

She often visits Lebanon to conduct creative writing workshops with children, and to participate in the Reading Week in spring and in the Book Festival in summer, which gives her the opportunity to visit various areas in Lebanon and have firsthand contact with her readers.

(From Fatima Sharafeddine Official Website)

Publications: (In Arabic & translated to English & French):

  • The Colors’ Dance رقص الألوان(Asala, Lebanon)
  • Jamila’s neighbours جيران جمولة(Asala, Lebanon)
  • Tamer and the new haircut  تامر وقصة الشعر الجديدة  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Talah and the sea تالة والبحر   (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Happy, Sad  أفرح أحزن  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Chez moi c’est la guerre  في مدينتي حرب  (translated to French by Mijade, as well as to Spanish Catalan, Spanish Castillan, Dutch and Korean- Honor List Anna Lindh Foundation 2009)
  • Mountain Rooster  ديك الجبل   (Asala, Lebanon-Award Winner 2006)
  • Nina et le chat  نينا الفيلة الصغيرة(translated to French by Mijade , as well as to German, Danish, Irish, and Dutch)
  • Sami et la nouvelle coupe de cheveux (translated to French by Mijade in Belgium, as well as to German, Finish, and Danish)
  • Sami et la belle boîte de chocolats  تامر وعلبة الشوكولاتة الحمراء  (Mijade, Belgium; translated to German, Dutch, Slovenian and Arabic)
  • Noura’s story نورا وقصتها  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Nadim in the street  نديم في الشارع    (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Nadim and the noise نديم والضجيج  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Strange Feeling  شعور غريب  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Tiny girl البنت النونو  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • I lost my donkey  تاه حماري  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Tanbouri  حذاء الطنبوري  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Happy rabbit  أرنب سعيد  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Murjan مرجان  (Kalimat, UAE)
  • Twit, quack quack, buck buck buck  تويت كواك كواك بق بق بق  (Kalimat, UAE)
  • I feel better  لا أخاف  (Kalimat, UAE)
  • Bath tub أسبح كالسمكة
  • One more bite أشهى لقمة
  • I play ألعب مع بابا
  • Sleep baby هيّا نم
  • My Pijamas بيجامتي  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Halloum and Rihan حلّوم وريحان(Asala, Lebanon)
  • Karim and I  أنا وكريم  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • My skirt تنورتي  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • What if ? ? ماذا لو(Asala, Lebanon)
  • I am not small anymore لم أعد صغيرة(Kalimat, UAE)
  • My Hands   يداي  (Kalimat, UAE)
  • How do I feel?  ?  كيف أشعر  (Kalimat, UAE)
  • How much do you love me? كم تحبيني؟  (Kalimat, UAE)
  • Grandma and the moon جدتي والقمر  (Kalimat, UAE)
  • The fool and the cunning المغفل والخبيث (Kalimat, UAE)
  • The simplest tie ربطة ولا أبسط  (Kalimat, UAE)
  • If I were a bird لو كنت طائرًا(Kalimat, UAE)
  • Mimi’s hair شعر ميمي  (Kalimat, UAE)
  • I have an appointment   عندي موعد  Kalimat, UAE)
  • Of People’s professions  أشغال ومهن (Kalimat, UAE)
  • The jar of honey and butter    جرة السمن والعسل (Kalimat, UAE)
  • Bird Tales  العصفورة أم الأخبار  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • I cut my own hair (Kalimat, UAE)
  • Zarifeh’s silly series (8 little books) ظريفة سلسلة (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Nadim and Luna نديم ولونا  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Nadim has a guest  عند نديم ضيف  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Nadim won’t go skiing  نديم لن يتزلج  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Nadim has a tummy ache  بطن نديم يؤلمه  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Nadim waits for his turn  نديم ينتظر دوره  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Nadim’s trip to the mountain نزهة نديم إلى الجبل  (Asala, Lebanon)
  • Ibn Battouta  ابن بطوطة (Kalimat, UAE)
  • Scholastic dictionary : words and imagesالقاموس المدرسي: كلمات وصور   (Kalimat, UAE)
  • From here to there  من هنا إلى هناك (In press Kalimat, UAE)
  • Uder seas and rivers  في البحار والأنهار (In press Kalimat, UAE)
  • My grandma  جدتي  (In press, Kalimat, UAE)
  • My grandpa  جدي  (In press, Kalimat, UAE)
  • Faten فاتن (In press Kalimat, UAE)

(Translations to Arabic):

  • The big bad wolf is good (Simon Puttock)
  • Series “Everything changes” (Angela Lambert)
  • Everything is allowed (Nele Moost)
  • Everything is mine (Nele Moost)
  • I will not ever, never, eat a tomato (Lauren Child)
  • I am not sleepy and I will not go to bed (Lauren Child)
  • Le mur (Philippe De Kemmeter)
  • Mo’s Star (Mahnaz Malik)
  • We are all born free (In Association with Amnesty International)
  • La route de pastèques (Quentin Gréban)
  • Jusqu’ici, tout va bien! (Quentin Gréban)
  • Princesses of the world (Katell Goyer)


Awards and Honors:

  • March 2007: National Committee of the Lebanese Child Award of best book of year for “Mountain rooster”
  • February 2009: Honor list of the Anna Lindh Foundation for “There is war in my city”
  • 2010: Nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.
  • May 2010: IBBY-Lebanon and Beirut World Book Capital award for best book published in the last three years in Lebanon “My skirt”.
  • May 2010: Appreciation of the Jury of Assabil Ngo, Lebanon for “Strange feeling”.
  • July 2010: Honor list of the Anna Lindh Foundation for “Aunt Zayoun and the olive tree”.
  • 2011: Nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.
  • 2011: Anna Lindh Read here There Everywhere Award for “The book of laughter and crying”.

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