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Fatma Naoot (1964 - فاطمة ناعوت
) is an Egyptian poet, journalist, translator, and architect. She was born in Cairo, September 18, 1964. After her graduation in 1987 as an architect, at Faculty of engineering, Ein Shams University-Cairo, she worked in her field at (Sabour Consultants) for ten years, then she left her job deciding to devote all her time for literature.

She is considered one of the most remarkable voices in Arabic poetry. She works as a journalist and architect. Born in Cairo in 1964, she graduated in 1987 from the faculty of Engineering at Ein Shams University, Cairo. She has published 16 books to date: six poetry collections, seven translated anthologies from English into Arabic, and three books of criticism. She has translated into Arabic the novels and stories of Virginia Woolf, John Ravenscroft, Chimamanda Nagozi Adichie and dozens of British and American contemporary poets.

She writes four constant weekly columns for newspapers in Egypt and the Middle East. She won the first prize of the "Arabic Poetry 2006" competition in Hong Kong for her fifth poetry collection, A Bottle of Glue, a Chinese/English edition (Nadwah Press, 2007). She has represented Egypt at several international festivals and conferences in Europe, Latin American and the Middle East. Her poetry has been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese, Persian and Kurdish.

She is:

  • A working member of Egypt Writers' Union.
  • A member of Arab Union for Internet Writers.
  • A member of "Poets of the World".
  • A member of Egypt Engineering Syndicate.
  • A member in L' Atelier du Caire.
  • A member in Egyptian Women Writers Union.
  • A member in International Pen Club.
  • A member in World Poets Society (W.P.S.)

(From ArabWorldBooks.com)


Poetry collections:

  1. Finger's Pat- General Egyptian Book Organization (GEBO) – Cairo/Egypt-2001
  2. One Centimeter Away From the Ground- (2 editions) Merit Publishing House- Cairo/Egypt-2002
  3. A Longitudinal Section in the Memory (GEBO) Cairo/Egypt -2003
  4. Upon the Palm of a Woman -   (2 editions): Sana/Yemen (ministry of culture publishes) 2004, (GEBO) Cairo- 2004
  5. A Bottle of Glue- 2008-Merit Publishing House- Cairo. (won the first prize in Hong Kong poetry competition and published in English & Chinese) 2007
  6. The Temple of Flowers - Nahdah Arabia press- Beirut/Lebanon-2007
  7. My Name is Not Difficult- - Ad-Dar Publishing House – Cairo/Egypt-2009
  8. The Joy Maker- Merit Publishing House- Cairo/Egypt-2012

Literature Translation into Arabic:

  1. A Head Split with an Ax- American and Britain anthology of poetry translated into Arabic- General Organization of Culture Palaces (GOCP) Cairo/Egypt 2004
  2. Walking Upside Down- short stories collection. Sana /Yemen(ministry of culture publishes) 2004
  3. Pockets Weighed with Stones- A book on Britain Virginia Woolf, including an Arabic translation of her novella ’An Un-written Novel- ‘3 editions. National Center of Translation- Cairo/Egypt: 2005- 2009- 2010.
  4. - Killing Rabbits. A collection of short stories by Britain John Ravenscroft translated into Arabic. Sharqyat Publishing House- Cairo/ Egypt 2005.
  5. - The Mark on the Wall. A collection of stories by Britain Virginia Woolf translated into Arabic. National Center of Translation- Cairo/ Egypt 2009
  6. - A Half of a Yellow Sun. A novel by Nigerian Chimamanda Nagozi Aditchi,                           translated into Arabic. (GEBO) - Cairo/Egypt 2010.
  7. - The Sons of the Fifth Sun. A collection of poems by contemporary European and American poets translated into Arabic. General Organization of Culture Palaces (GOCP) Cairo/Egypt 2010.
  8. The Human Stain. novel by American Phillip Roth translated into Arabic. (GEBO) - Cairo/Egypt- 2012
  9. Why We Love? The nature and Chemistry of Love. A Scientific Anthropological book on love by American Helen Fisher translated into Arabic. (GEBO) - Cairo/Egypt- 2012

Literature Criticism:

  1. Writing with Chalks. Essays in post modernism in architecture and literature. Sharqyat Publishing House. Cairo/Egypt- 2005
  2. Drawing with Chalks. Portraits. Talaqy Publishing House. Cairo/Egypt- 2009
  3. The Singer and the Narrator- literature critique essays. Ketab El-Youm (Book Today Organization). Cairo/Egypt 2009


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