Ghada Abdel-Aal


Ghada Abdel Aal ( غادة عبدالعال ) is a single pharmacist living in Cairo, “a representative of 15 million females from 25 to 35 years who are pressured by the society everyday to get married even though this matter is out of their hands”. In 2006, she started the blog I Want to Get Married, in which she documents the absurd tragicomedy of trying to find “the One” through “living-room marriages”: stilted meetings over tea, organised by matchmaking relatives. The parade of unsuitable suitors struck a chord with the single women of Egypt, under pressure to marry or face social isolation.

The success of her blog led to a book deal with the well-known publishers Dar El Shorouk in 2008; the book was a commercial success, has been reprinted multiple times and is being adapted for television. An English translation is due in October 2010.

(From Emirates Festival of Literature website)



  • I Want to Get Married - 2008


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