Raja Nehme


Raja Nehme is a Lebanese novelist.


  • Ph.D. in psychoanalysis and semiology of literature, University de la Sorbonne Paris / University St Joseph Beirut 1984
  • Diploma in sociology of literature, College de France, Paris (1978)
  • License (BA) in history and archeology, Lebanese University, Beirut Lebanon (1967).


  • "Memoire of a Chi'ite Woman" All-prints publisher, Beirut, Lebanon 2013
  • "Warda Shah Dar al-Saqi; Beirut , Lebanon, (2008)
  • "The cities were colorful, "Kanat al-Mdon moulawana" Dar al-Saqi; Beirut, Lebanon (2009)
  • "Turbulence of silk" "Harir Sakhib" Dar al-Saqi; Beirut , Lebanon (2005)
  • "Firass and the dreams of city"; "Firas wa Ahlam al-madina" (novel for youth) Dar al-Saqi; Beirut/ Lebanon (2003). Republished (2013)
  • "Meriem Al-Nour" Dar al-Adab; Beirut , Lebanon ( 2000)
  • "Image and dream" Dar al -Afaq ; Beirut, Lebanon ( 1980)
  • "End of the thread" Dar al -Afaq ; Beirut , Lebanon ( 1978)
  • Raja Nehmé published , also, a number of short novels for children and youth In al-Arabi al-Saghir magazine (Koweit).
  • Raja Nehmé wrote a large number of short novels for children, youth and adult, that have been integrated within the educational material and books she developed for the UN, the international agencies and the Ministries in the Arab Countries

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