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Rania Zaghir (رانيا زغير) is a Lebanese writer and publisher of children's books.  She holds a master degree in educational psychology.

In 2007, Rania Zaghir Established Al Khayyat Al Saghir (The Little Tailor) which specializes in publishing Arabic picture books.

Serious topics are dealt with in ways children can understand, through imaginative and often hilarious illustrations and texts.

Rania engages the young reader by making her stories both indigenous and universal so they are able to identify with moral issues in their world.

Her publications have received a great deal of recognition from teachers, parents, and the media, but mostly from children themselves who respond to motifs from Arabic culture, lavish and colorful illustration and great attention to detail.

So far her work has been translated into Italian, German, and Korean and has been the subject of animated films.

Zaghir won the Assabil ( friends of public libraries) Award in 2009/2010, and was added to the Anna Lindh Foundation's honor list in 2010. Very recently, Haltabees Haltabees, her latest book, has been turned into an iPad application, and can be purchased and downloaded from the Apple Store.

(From Al Khayyat Al Saghir website)

Bibliography: (Arabic)

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  • لماذا أمطرت السماء كوسى وورق عنب؟
  • لما بلطت البحر (ترجم الى الكورية
  • حديد صابون بونبون
  • العملاق العملاق
  • العملاق العملاق يغني: سنة حلوة يا سلطة
  • العملاق العملاق هنا وهناك
  • لما غنى العصفور
  • عدنان وحكيم الأسنان
  • أخي الصغير
  • خش خش يا ورق الخريف
  • هل رأيت أحرفي؟
  • بيتي هو طابة
  • نجمة نجمة يا نجيمة
  • سبعة أيام في علبة ألوان

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