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Reem Bassiouney (1973) ( ريم بسيوني) is an Egyptian author and sociolinguistics professor, currently residing at Georgetown University. She has written several novels and short stories. Professor Reem Bassiouney obtained her doctorate from Oxford University and has a number of books on Arabic sociolinguistics.

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Publications (Arabic & English):


  • Arabic Sociolinguistics: Topics in Diglossia, Gender, Identity, and Politics, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press; Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press, 2009
  • Functions of Code-switching in Egypt: Evidence from Monologues. This book reassesses theoretical approaches to diglossia and code-switching in the light of empirical data from Egypt.
  • Dr. Hanaa, novel, 2007.
  • The smell of the sea, novel published by Boustany’s publishing house in Egypt and Lebanon, came out May 2005. It has been highly acclaimed by critics and most of the first edition is sold out.
  • The Pistachio seller, novel, published by Madbuly publishing house in Egypt, came out November 2006. Voted the best novel of the year in al-sharq al-awsat newspaper, by the Egyptian prolific writer Yusif al-Qaed who wrote the novel “a war on Egypt”.
  • Eastern Delights, 2007.

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