Asma Tubi, (أسماء طوبى,) (1905-1983), Palestinian writer born in Nazareth, where she remained until completing primary school. She was concerned with women's issues and was an active member of the Women's Union in Acre from 1929 to 1948. In the late period of the British Mandate she was the president of the Arab Women's Union in Acre, a leader of the Orthodox Young Women's Association, and a prominent member of the Young Christian Women's Association.

When she was forced to leave Palestine in 1948, she left behind a book manuscript at the printer titled al-Mar'a al-'Arabiya fi Filistin (The Arab Palestinian Woman). She appeared on several Palestinian radio programs, including "Huna al-Quds" (Jerusalem Here) and "al-Sharq al-Adna" (The Near East) in Jaffa. She also appeared on Lebanese radio in Beirut in 1948. That year, she assumed the editorship of the women's page of Filistin newspaper. She was also the editor of the women's page of Kltll shay' and al-Ahad magazines.

She wrote drama, poetry, and fiction and published several works in English. She received the Lebanese Constantine the Great Award in 1973 and was posthumously awarded the Jerusalem Medal for Culture and Arts in December 1990.

(From Arab Women Writers A Critical reference Guide by Radwa Ashour & Feryal Ghazoul)

Publications: (Arabic)

  • Masra' qaysar Rusiya wa 'a'ilatih (The Death of the Czar and His Family, play). Acre: n.p., 192 5.
  • al-Fatah wa kayf uriduha (The Young Woman and How I Want Her, essays). Acre: n.p., 1943.
  • Sabr wa faraj (Patience and Relief, play). Acre: n.p., 1943 . '
  • Ala madhbah al-tadhiya (On the Sacrificial Altar, poetry, two vols.). Acre: n.p., 1946.
  • Ahadith min al-qalb (Stories from the Heart, short stories). Beirut: Qalfat Press, 1955.
  • 'Abir wa Majd (Fragrance and Glory, essays). Beirut: Qalfar Press, 1966.
  • Jibal al-murjan (The Coral Mountain). N.p.: n.p., 1972 .
  • Hubbi al-kabir (My Big Love, poetry). Beirut: Dar al-'Awda, 1972.
  • Nafahat 'itr (Wafts of Perfume, essays). Beirut: Nawfal Foundation, 1975. Nisa' wa asrar (Women and Secrets, play). N.p.: n.p., n.d.
  • Shahidat al-ikhlas (The Martyr of Faithfulness, play). N.p.: n.p., n.d.
  • Wahida bi-wahida wa-l-qimar (One to One and the Wager, one-act play).

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