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Alia Mamdouh
(Aliyah Mamduh: عالية ممدوح) was born 1944 in Baghdad, Iraq, to an Iraqi father and Syrian mother who both came from Tikrit. Alia grew up in the capital Baghdad. She took a degree in psychology from al-Mustansariyya University in 1971, and then worked in journalism.

From 1983 until 1990 she lived in Morocco, serving on the editorial staff of several newspapers and About the Authors 301 magazines. Her first volume of short stories was published in 1973, and she has since written another volume, three novels, and a book of essays. She currently lives in Paris, where she works for the Arabic press.

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Publications: (Arabic)

  • التشهي - Al Tashahi (2007)
  • المحبوبات- Al-Mahbubat (2005)
  • الغلامة - Al-Ghulama (The Maiden) (2000)
  • الولع - Al-Wala (Passion) (1993)
  • حبات النفتلين- Habbat Al-Naftalin (Mothballs) (1986)
  • ليلى والذئب- Layla wa Al-Dhib (Laila and the Wolf) (1981)
  • هوامش إلى السيدة باء - Hawamish ilal Sayyida Ba (Notes to Mrs. B) (1973)
  • إفتتاحية للضحك- ftitahiya lil Dahik (Prelude to Laughter) (1971)

(Translated from Arabic to English)

  • The Loved Ones
  • Naphtalene: A Novel of Baghdad


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