Sofi Abdallah


Sofi AbdAllah
( صوفي عبدالله) was born in al-Fayyum, Egypt, in 1925. She attended English, French, and Italina girls's schools, and was tutored in Arabic at home. She began to write short stories 1942, and won a literary prize in 1947.

She has worked as editor for Dar al-Hilal publishing house in Cairo, and has contributed numerous short stories. articles, and synopses of foreign novels to several of its popular magazines.

She has also edited a column called "Your Problem" for the women's weekly magazine Hawwa.

A prolific writer of fiction, she has published fourteen volumes of short stories, five novels, three books of plays, two critical studies, and many translations from world literature.

She died in 2004.

(From Arab Women Writers An Anthology of Short stories by Dalya Cohen-Mar)

 Publications: (Arabic)

  • `Arusa `ala-l-raf (A Doll on the Shelf, novel). Cairo:1954
  • Kulluhunna `Ayyusha (They are All `Ayyusha, novel). Cairo:1954
  • Thaman al-hubb (The Price of Love, short stories). Cairo:1955
  • Baqaya rajul (Remenants of a Man, short stories). Cairo:1956
  • La`nat al-jasad (Curse of a Body, novel). Beirut:1956
  • Dumu` al-tawba (Tears of Contrition, novel). Beirut:1956
  • Madrasat al-banat (The Girls' School, short stories). Cairo:1959
  • `Asifa fi qalb (A heart Storm, novel). Cairo:1960
  • Nisf imra'a wa qisas ukhra (Half a Woman and Other Stories, short stories). Cairo:1960
  • Layali laha thaman (Nights with a Price, short stories). Cairo:1963
  • Mu`jizat al-Nil (Miracle of the Nile, short stories). Cairo:1964
  • Nawabigh al-nisa' (Distinguished Women. short stories). Cairo:1964
  • Alf mabruk (Congratulations, short stories). Cairo:1965
  • Qusur `ala-l-rimal (Castles on teh Sand, novel). Cairo:1967
  • Nabda taht al-jalid (A Pulse Beneath the Ice, short stories). Cairo:1968
  • Arba`at rijal wa fatah (Four Men and a Young Woman, short stories). Cairo:1972
  • Shay' aqwa miha (Something Stronger Than Her, novel). Cairo:1975
  • al-Qafas al-ahmar (The Red Cage, short stories). Cairo:1975
  • al-Lughz al-abadi (The eternal Riddle, short stories). Cairo:1978
  • Arba` masrahiyat dahika (Four Comic Plays, plays). Cairo:1979
  • Hasab al-talab (Made to Order, play). Cairo:1979


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